“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, 

“and I will send you out to fish for people.”

(Matthew 4:19)

Jesus of Nazareth is the long-awaited Messiah ... 

The King of kings and Lord of lords ... 

The One through whom the world was made ... 

The Great High Priest and the Shepherd of the sheep ... 

The atoning sacrifice for sin, who conquers death and sets the captive free ... 

And He who secures redemption and resurrection and eternal life for all who will come to Him
and surrender their lives to His loving care. 

Though He is the eternal, transcendent God wrapped in human flesh, He seeks to truly know us and be known by us, to walk with us through life. He is calling all people to Himself.

It is this Jesus whom we know and love and worship at Life Bridge. 
It is our passion to follow Jesus and to help others to follow Jesus. 

Our mission is to make disciples one life, one home at a time.

Come join us as we follow Him with our whole hearts!

What does this mean at Life Bridge?

  • Our Priorities

    Our seven core priorities describe the fully-orbed Christian life. Everything we do as a church is guided by these essential principles.

    Learn more about our priorities at Life Bridge

  • Delighting in God's Word

    We know it's already covered in our priorities, but we're so excited and so passionate about God's word that we had to mention it again. The Scriptures are our ultimate authority, lighting our paths, revealing God's heart and plan of redemption, and providing us with everything we need for life and godliness (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3)

  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

    We want to give our all to following Jesus, and being His disciples has profound implications on the very DNA of our lives. 

    Learn more about Biblical manhood and womanhood at Life Bridge

  • Community Life

    The Christian life is not a solo sport. We are the body and bride of Christ, designed to live in fellowship with God and one another. 

    Learn more about community life at Life Bridge

  • Serving Others

    God couldn't have been more clear: You love Him by loving those He loves. It is our goal to live the Christian life, not huddled together and ingrown, but focused on practically meeting needs and showing love to our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers and the community.

    Learn more about serving others at Life Bridge