2019 All-Church Summer Getaway

Get away with your church family this summer to beautiful Lake Geneva. 

This August is our first annual All-Church Summer Getaway. Join us for a weekend away filled with relaxation and fellowship, fun and games, and good old-fashioned time to just be together.

Register Now Online

You can pay in full with credit or debit card,
or use coupon code “downpayment” to pay 20% now and the rest over the next couple months. 


There are several lodging options available – from hotel-like “deluxe” rooms to "standard" dormitory-style rooms to "rustic" cabins, each at its own price point. Or, if you love to camp, you can set up shop at a nearby state park (15 minutes away) and join us during the day at CPC. We have worked hard to enable you to make this your kind of weekend!

Please keep in mind that the number of air-conditioned deluxe rooms is limited; 

they will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. So, register early!

Also, you can download room pricing details here.

  • Deluxe Rooms

    These "hotel-like" rooms are air-conditioned, and each has its own private bathroom. You'll be getting away in luxury. 

    Note: These rooms are limited; first-come, first-served. Register early!

  • Standard Rooms

    These "dorm-like" rooms are mostly air-conditioned (some are not). They're nice rooms, but they do not contain a private bathroom. Instead, there is a public shared bathroom down the hall.

  • Rustic Rooms

    These "rustic" cabins are nice, but what you'd expect from a cabin in the woods. Bathrooms are nearby but in another building, so involve a jaunt through the woods to get there. Some cabins have window A/C units, most rustic rooms are NOT air-conditioned.

  • Camping

    You can camp at nearby beautiful Big Foot Beach State Park and save a ton of cash. Bring your own tent, camper, or whatever. Make your own reservation with the State Park to reserve your site. The money you pay for the retreat is for meals and activities. Definitely, the cheapest way to get away.

Is this weekend for me?

This weekend is not for families only. 

Young, old, single, married, kids or not… This weekend is for you! 

We’ll be spending the weekend at Conference Point Center (CPC) – a peninsula jutting out into Lake Geneva, WI from the west. It’s less than an hour from church, 10 minutes from downtown Lake Geneva, absolutely gorgeous, and ready to be invaded by the Life Bridge family!

We’re not packing the schedule with loads of activities. 

This isn’t a conference or a seminar.

If you want to hear someone talk all weekend, this isn't the place for you.

It’s a fun, relaxing getaway – a place to hang out with your church family, rekindle old friendships, and maybe make some new ones. No child care or dedicated children’s programming will be provided. There’s fun for everyone, but fun we’re hoping we can all do together.

Want to Extend the Fun?

Oh, and one more thing... If you want to maximize your time away with your Church family, there's an EXTENDED version of the retreat, which starts at 10am Thursday and runs through Sunday noonish. The additional time will be really low key; just a great time for hanging out. If you're interested, select "Extended" on your registration form.


Well, primarily, the goal is to hang out together. The schedule is "packed" with free time! There are only a few optional activities planned, and even those are ... well, optional. This weekend is about just being together, not about racing from one thing to the next. 

But that said, here a few of the things we have planned, just in case you want more than a book on the beach or a hike in nature...

  • Archery

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  • Boat Tours of the Lake

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  • Bonfire and Worship

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  • Sand Volleyball

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  • Life Bridge Got Talent! Show

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  • Nature Hike

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What will this all cost?

We have worked hard to make this weekend as affordable and accessible as possible. The price varies depending on the size of your family, your lodging selection, activities you choose, etc. To determine final cost begin the registration process to see the different selections and total cost. 

Don't forget, use the coupon code "DOWNPAYMENT" to pay only 20% up front (if you'd like). We'll collect the rest over the next few months as the weekend approaches.

Schedule Details

August 16-18, 2019 - Conference Point Center, Lake Geneva, WI

Arrive and register by 5:30 pm on Friday, 8/16

Depart around noon on Sunday, 8/18

Extended retreat time starts Thursday, August 15 at 10am

Click on the image below to download a full copy of the PRELIMINARY schedule for the weekend.
Includes both the regular getaway schedule (Thurs 5:30-Sun 12:30) AND the extended retreat (Thurs 10-Fri 5:30).