Photo Sharing and Wi-fi

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Wi-Fi is Available!

We were able to get access to limited Wi-Fi after all. Check your email for the wi-fi password (don't want to broadcast it online).

Bring Your Camera! Upload your Pictures!

We have setup a photo sharing site at to share photos you take at the Getaway. Please make sure all pictures are appropriate, and then upload 'til your heart's content. We're excited to have the opportunity to share pictures of the weekend. So, download the Google Photos app, and upload away!

What's this all about?

Life Bridge is getting away as a church family for a weekend in Williams Bay, WI.

This weekend is not for families only. 

Young, old, single, married, kids or not… This weekend is for you! 

We’ll be spending the weekend at Conference Point Center (CPC) – a peninsula jutting out into Lake Geneva, WI from the west. It’s less than an hour from church, 10 minutes from downtown Lake Geneva, absolutely gorgeous, and ready to be invaded by the Life Bridge family!

We’re not packing the schedule with loads of activities. 

This isn’t a conference or a seminar.

If you want to hear someone talk all weekend, this isn't the place for you.

It’s a fun, relaxing getaway – a place to hang out with your church family, rekindle old friendships, and maybe make some new ones. No child care or dedicated children’s programming will be provided. There’s fun for everyone, but fun we’re hoping we can all do together.

Extending the fun with an additional day of rest and spiritual refreshment

The "extended" version of the retreat starts at 12pm Thursday and runs through Sunday noonish. The additional time will be really low key; filled with spiritually-nourishing activities and a bunch of time for hanging out. If you aren't one of the 24 families who signed up for the "extended" retreat this year, ask one of them and see if you might not want to dive in for extended time in years to come.

What about Church that Sunday?

Life Bridge will be conducting Sunday worship services ONLY at CPC in Williams Bay, WI on Sunday, August 18. Our building in Wauconda will be closed that weekend. Also, the church office will be closed Thursday and Friday, August 15-16.

There will be one service in Williams Bay at 10am, followed by a buffet lunch at noon.

We hope every single person who calls Life Bridge "home" will join us for church that Sunday and for lunch afterwards. Please RSVP by Sunday, 8/11 to let us know if we can expect you for church and lunch.

RSVP for Church and Lunch on Sunday, August 18

Arrival and departure

Registration and Arrival

If you are registered for the extended retreat, try to arrive by 12:30pm on Thursday. Come to the dining hall to check in and get your keys. Signs will guide you.

If you are registered for the regular getaway, try to arrive by 4:30pm on Friday. Come to the admin building. Again, there will be signs.

If you arrive late, call Jeff. If you don't have his number by now, check your email. ;-) 

Checkout and Departure

If you're staying in Chapin Center, you must check out before 10am (before church), and have everything out of your room. 

For everyone else, you must check out before 12pm (after church).

Don't forget that we represent King Jesus, so we want to respect these beautiful grounds and leave them cleaner than we found them. Make sure your room, the common areas in your building, and the grounds around your building are ready for the next person to use them when you depart.

What should I bring?


  • A great attitude - This is a Getaway weekend. It's designed to be relaxing and full of opportunity to spend time together. It's not highly programatized or focused on entertainment. It's a space to be together. And remember that it's a camp, not a resort. And it's filled with people who are not just like you ... which is amazing, but requires grace.
  • Your Bible and a Pen - Between sunrise meditations and devotional time set aside in the schedule each morning, you'll have plenty of time and opportunity to connect with God. We hope you take advantage of it! 
  • Money - There will be snacks for sale all weekend, in the snack shop and at the concession stand during the No-Talent show. You'll definitely want to have a few bucks on hand to buy ice cream, candy, drinks, etc.
  • Stuff to wear
    • Comfortable summer clothes - For warm weather
    • Sweater - At least one; the breeze off the lake can make the temp drop at night
    • Jeans - At least one pair
    • Rain jacket / umbrella - Just in case
    • Beach clothes and shoes - For the beach and on the boats
    • Hiking clothes and shoes - For hiking the trails and because you'll be walking around the point a lot; make sure you have good shoes for walking
    • Swimwear and swim gear - Including water / beach toys, if you'd like
    • Sunscreen, sun glasses, hat (etc) to protect against the sun
    • Beach towel
    • Bug spray
  • Stuff to use outside
    • Lawn chairs - You will at times want to BYO-Chair.
    • Refillable water bottle - stay hydrated!
    • Flashlight (with fresh batteries)
  • Stuff to use inside
    • Linens and towels - If you are in a deluxe room, linens and towels are provided. If you are in standard or rustic housing, you must bring your own linens and towels. Or, you can rent them from the camp for $5 per person (includes sheets, pillow cases, and towels).
    • Toiletries - Razor, soap, shampoo, face cloth, deodorant, etc.
    • Flip flops - To wear in the shower
    • Charge cable for your phone.
    • Kitchen garbage bag for wet and dirty clothes.


  • Your own pillow - There will be pillows there, but yours are nicer.
  • An extra blanket - There will be blankets on the beds, but if you like your own or get extra cold at night, consider bringing one you love.
  • An instrument - If you play something portable, bring it up and join in the worship jam session around the campfire Friday night.
  • Games - Lawn games or board games or card games you like to play
  • Snacks - As long as you don't need to cook it, feel free. But there's going to be a TON of food there. Your registration includes three buffet meals per day, plus there will be concessions sold each night at the snack shop and the No-Talent show on Saturday. You won't need to bring extra food. If you do bring food, and leave it in a fridge or on a shelf in a common area, please label it clearly "for everyone" or "just for you."
  • Your favorite coffee mug - There are paper cups in the dining hall but for after hours (early morning wake-up or late-at-night decaf) in your building, you might want your own mug. Several folks are bringing coffee makers, so feel free to chip in with creamers, etc as well.
  • Fishing poles - Go for it! Don't forget that if you're over 16, you need a valid WI license.
  • Balls and frisbees - There are soccer and baseball fields, a sand volleyball court, Andy's life-sized foosball court, and a Frisbee golf course.


  • Radios or speakers - Be considerate. Feel free to bring your tunes, but keep them to yourself. Don't assume everyone else wants to listen to your music, podcast, audiobook, etc.
  • Tons of electronics - There aren't a ton of outlets and there is NO Wi-Fi, so don't bring a bunch of gadgets. Phones ... yes. Tablets, game systems, etc ... probably not. Besides, this is a time to be with people in the real world. Assume you won't be online this weekend.
  • An expectation to be entertained - There are no TVs, no Wi-Fi, and generally nobody taking on the responsibility of keeping you entertained. 
  • Pets - Only officially registered service dogs are allowed on CPC grounds. Sadly, you cannot bring your beloved pooch.
  • Boats, kayaks, paddle boards, etc - There are banana boat and pontoon boat rides available, but we cannot bring our own boats, wave runners, jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, etc. 
  • Food to cook - You can bring snacks, but WI law prohibits our cooking meals at CPC. So, pre-packaged snacks are great. Anything that requires a stove is not.
  • Weapons of any kind - Guns, knives, etc. Duh... This is not a hunting trip.

Getaway Schedule

The Life Bridge All-Church Summer Getaway starts at 5:30pm on Friday, August 16th with dinner together. Plan to arrive around 4:30pm to register, throw your stuff in your room, and join us in the dining hall for chow.

The Getaway ends with Church at 10am on Sunday, August 18th, then check, then lunch together in the dining hall.

Some have signed up to extend the rest, relaxation and fellowship by coming up on Thursday for the "extended retreat," which is very exciting!

Download the full schedule here

(extended retreat schedule appended at the end)

Schedule Details

Primarily, the goal is to hang out together. The schedule is "packed" with free time! There are only a few optional activities planned, and even those are ... well, optional. This weekend is about just being together, not about racing from one thing to the next. 

That said, here are a few things we have planned, just in case you want more than a book on the beach or a hike in nature...

  • Archery

    Matt Shumaker and Jerald Dawson will lead groups over to Lake Geneva Youth Camp on Saturday to take aim on the archery range. That's gonna hit the spot!

  • Bonfire and Worship

    Friday night, we're gathering around the bonfire for s'mores and stories ... particularly about God's faithfulness this summer. If you play an instrument, bring it along. Garon Albrecht and Jeremiah Shumaker will lead in some worship jam time as the evening wears on. 

  • Sand Volleyball Tournament

    Competitive, bracketed volleyball tournament ... organized by Josh Mangioni and not for the faint of heart. If you registered online for "competitive" sand volleyball, you're automatically in the tournament. Or, if you want to sign up after you arrive, see the signup sheet in Cloverleaf Hall.

  • Beach time and Open Swim

    Relax on the beach. Take a dip. Play some volleyball. Read a book. The beach is open most of the weekend, and there exclusively for your relaxation and fun.

  • Pontoon Boat Tours

    Tour Lake Geneva on the pride of the CPC pontoon fleet. Due to the overwhelming interest we've received in these rides, you must sign up for a particular slot in Cloverleaf Hall. See the Getaway schedule for details on time slots, etc.

  • Banana Boat Rides

    Ever been pulled around the lake at high speeds on an inflatable banana? Well, here's your chance. The CPC banana boat will run all afternoon on Saturday. First come, first served. Only available for adults and those under 18 who pass the swim test Saturday morning.

  • Hiking

    There are many places - both at CPC and in the nearby state park - to hike in nature. There will also be a sponsored "strenuous" hike around part of the lake to the marina and park on the other side of the cove, then to The Frosty Moose for ice cream (Pastor Bob's treat!). 

  • "Life Bridge Ain't Got No Talent" show

    Want to watch pastors dance, monkeys fly and pies drop from the heavens? Who wouldn't!? SOME of that you'll be excited to experience at Saturday night's "Life Bridge Ain't Got No Talent" show. Dan Pongetti emcees. And the concession stands are open. This is gonna be a blast!

  • Late Night Game and Guzzle

    The snack shop is the place to buy an ice cream, soda or ballpark pretzel (and much more), and hang out with friends. Especially if you love to play games. Thursday (for extended retreaters), Friday and Saturday night, we'll be gaming at the snack shop, as well as at Cloverleaf, and wherever else 2 or 3 fun-lovers are gathered.

What else should I know?

Conference Point Center Behavioral Policy

  1. All of our campuses and facilities are smoke / drug / alcohol / weapon - free.
  2. Pets are not allowed to stay on the grounds. ADA specific service animals are most certainly welcome.
  3. Each group will provide 24/7 adult supervision for their youth and are responsible for their conduct; we suggest 1 adult for every 8 youth.
  4. We expect group participants to be courteous and respectful of one another, our staff, our facilities, our equipment, and our neighbors at all times. Please limit outdoor noise by 10 pm and bring all activities indoors by 11:00 pm.
  5. We request guests wear modest clothing, swimwear and appropriate swimsuit cover-ups when going into public buildings.
  6. We reserve the right to take action up to and including suspending service if guest behavior is considered unsafe or violates our policies.
  7. Only blue painter’s tape and fishing line can be used for decoration purposes.
  8. We reserve the right to bill guest groups for damages to buildings and grounds, and any cleaning fees based on that damage.
  9. We’ll make reasonable accommodation to hold lost-and-found items for 30 days after which unclaimed items will be donated to charity.