Legacy Milestones

God has called the Church and the family to be foremost in the task of discipleship. Scripture calls parents to teach their children the faith daily (Deuteronomy 6). 

This is a huge blessing and an enormous challenge, so we at Life Bridge are here to stand by your side as parents.

  • Milestone 1: Parent / Child Dedication

    Parents are called to be the primary disciple makers of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). And we believe that our role as a church is to partner with parents in the process of raising children to know and love God, and to serve Him with their whole lives. (Learn more)

    Target age: 0-3 years

  • Milestone 2: Embracing the Story

    The elementary years are crucial to a child's spiritual development. Parents and the Church alike must be diligent and passionate in the discipleship process. We pray you will take every opportunity to share the Lord with your kids in your daily lives. And we are here to support you.  (Learn more)

    Target age: K-5th grade

  • Milestone 3: Faith Commitment

    We prayerfully desire that every child will come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He is the only way to God, so when a child (or adult) comes to faith, we as a church celebrate it passionately. Jesus calls new believers to be baptized, and it is an honor to obey the Lord in this way. (Learn more)

    Target age: K-5th grade

  • Milestone 4: Preparing for Adolescence

    The adolescent years will challenge your child’s identity to the very core of who they are. Though they may not verbalize it, the main question though this period is “Who am I?” This milestone will help you guide your child as they continually seek their identity by equipping you for the teen years. We’ll look at influences (peer, hormone, media, etc) and how you can help them answer not only “Who am I?” but “Whose am I?”

  • Milestone 5: Purity

    Sex sells. Movies, TV, video games, and just about everything else is inundating our minds with sexual imagery and pressure. With such an assault it is imperative that parents address sexuality from a biblical perspective. We believe that purity starts with what we believe about God. This milestone is about more than just sex education, it's about our identity in Christ.

  • Milestone 6: Rite of Passage

    Age 16 is a significant time of freedom in our culture. Rite of Passage is not just about the keys to the car; it is really about becoming a man or woman of God. This milestone equips parents to disciple their teen for adulthood. Issues such as picking a spiritual mentor, spiritual disciplines, and building a biblical worldview will be explored both in family devotions and at church.

  • Milestone 7: Graduation

    As students move toward graduation parents must help them develop practical and spiritual skills that prepare them for the world outside the nest. Issues such as apologetics, courtship and marriage, and determining the will of God will be explored in family devotions and youth ministry. Parents will also be given instruction on writing a blessing for their child, to be presented at their graduation party.