What is Tangent?

At Life Bridge, we call our High School youth group ministry "Tangent." 

A tangent is a straight line that touches a curve at a single point.
We believe that Jesus Christ touched our world at a specific point in human history, and by touching it, He forever changed it. As Christians, we are called to continue to touch our world as Jesus did, at the specific point and time in which we live,
for the sake of the gospel.


At Tangent, we're a place where students can be themselves and grow into the people that God made them to be, no matter their starting point. We believe this growth happens through deepening our horizontal relationships with each other,
as well as our vertical relationship with Jesus.

When and Where
do we gather?

During the school year, Tangent meets on Wednesday nights, 7-9pm, at Life Bridge Community Church

In summer, we meet Wednesday nights in parents' homes, 
together with the middle school group.

What do we do?

Except for special events, we spend our Wednesday nights...

  1. Playing games
  2. Talking about the Bible
  3. Connecting about our lives in gender-specific small groups


We believe these are the foundational activities which enable students to connect both with God and with each other.


By the way, our small groups are each led by two adult leaders, who have gone through a rigorous application process and background check. Our adult leaders are there to provide energy, leadership, and safety for our High Schoolers.

What was that about special events?

We typically plan special events every month or two with our High Schoolers.


Annually, these events include a photo scavenger Hunt, fun at the Richardson Corn Maze or Warren Dunes, Harvest and Christmas parties, etc. But whether we're playing Where’s Waldo at a local mall, sweating together on a service project, or enjoying a "Lazy Bum Day" at Pastor Josh's house, you do not want to miss these events!

Any big trips I should know about?

As a ministry, we take three major trips every year. Hope you can join us!


The Fine Print...

We work hard to keep costs down, but there are costs. However, we don't want that to be a barrier. Scholarships are available, so talk to us. Also, all trips require registration, so keep your eye out
for details as these dates approach. 

  • Springboard Retreat

    This is our student leadership retreat that happens every August before school starts. The cost is minimal, and students have a blast reviewing their summer and preparing for the school year together. Don't miss it!

    Cost: ~$50

  • Winter Retreat

    Winter retreat is open to anyone who is interested in growing in their faith. Each year, over President’s day weekend (Fri-Mon), we head up to Silver Birch Ranch for great speakers, inspiring worship, and a ton of winter fun. Let it snow!

    Cost: ~$200

  • Challenge / Missions Trip

    Every summer we go on a major week-long trip. Even numbered years, it's the EFCA Challenge Conference, where thousands of high school students from all over the world gather bi-annually to grow closer to Jesus and be challenged to live their lives for Him. On off years, Life Bridge plans a domestic, week-long short-term missions trip. The location and focus of these trips varies from year to year, so stay tuned for more information.

    Cost: ~$1,000