What is Tangent?

At Life Bridge, we call our High School youth group ministry "Tangent." 

A tangent is a straight line that touches a curve at a single point.
We believe that Jesus Christ touched our world at a specific point in human history, and by touching it, He forever changed it. As Christians, we are called to continue to touch our world as Jesus did, at the specific point and time in which we live,
for the sake of the gospel.


At Tangent, we're a place where students can be themselves and grow into the people that God made them to be, no matter their starting point. We believe this growth happens through deepening our horizontal relationships with each other,
as well as our vertical relationship with Jesus.

When and Where
do we gather?

During the school year, Tangent meets (with Refuge, our junior high ministry) on Wednesday nights, 7-9 pm, at Life Bridge Community Church. The evening includes games, a message and small groups. 

In summer, we meet Wednesday nights in parents' homes, 
together with the middle school group.

High Schoolers are invited to attend adult Community Groups during the 11am hour on Sunday mornings. 

What do we do?

Except for special events, we spend our Wednesday nights...

  1. Playing games
  2. Talking about the Bible
  3. Connecting about our lives in gender-specific small groups


We believe these are the foundational activities which enable students to connect both with God and with each other.


By the way, our small groups are each led by two adult leaders, who have gone through a rigorous application process and background check. Our adult leaders are there to provide energy, leadership, and safety for our High Schoolers.