Life Bridge Worship

Music is one of the great gifts we’ve been given by God Himself – how we use it, is everything. Does it draw us closer to & to be more like Jesus?

We here at Life Bridge strive to lead people before the Lord with songs that bring Him Glory, Honor and Praise - That show who we were apart from Him, and who we are in Him, while being theologically and Biblically correct. We do a mix of contemporary songs with the beloved hymns from the past.

We are always looking for additional musicians (vocalists & instrumentalists) and Audio/Video techs who are not only gifted in this area, but more importantly, have a heart that’s after Jesus. At this time, the Worship Pastor isn’t available for individual lessons, etc. for those looking to become more proficient (vocally/instrumentally), but he can definitely give direction to voice/instrument teachers available in the area. Those interested in Tech should contact Josiah Payne - and those interested in the Music Teams should contact Dav Kott - or if you are interested in either area you can fill out the below form and someone will contact you.