Life Bridge Worship

Dear Friends,



We are excited for all the interest that we have seen in being involved in our worship ministry here at Life Bridge Community Church. It is an awesome privilege that we have: to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in this area of ministry. We approach it with reverence and humility, desiring to give Him the glory and honor that He deserves! Worship is an important part of who we are in the body of Christ and, in this particular area of ministry, we primarily worship through song – an activity of glorifying God in His presence with our voices, instruments and hearts. Wayne Grudem describes worship as a “direct expression of our ultimate purpose for living,to glorify God and fully to enjoy Him forever.” I believe this is an accurate description of our ministry of worship in song. Whereas evangelism focuses on unbelievers, and edification focuses on fellow believers, worship focuses on God. Worship is not all about generating human feelings but giving to God what He is due! God has risen up and will continually raise up people to serve in this area and we are excited for his guidance and direction as we grow as a church and as a ministry.


It is our desire to participate in and to lead genuine and meaningful worship each Sunday morning. We, at Life Bridge, consider involvement in the worship ministry a very important form of leadership. Those involved in this ministry are regularly worshiping in front of the local congregation. Because of this, we must allow people to see more than our singing and playing – we must set an example as those who are seeking to worship God with every aspect of life. It is therefore important for us to make sure we only bring those into our ministry who continuously desire to live lives of obedience to God.


Here are the steps to take if you are interested in LB MM, the music ministry:


1.   Read and fill out this application completely.


2.   We will then set a time to have an audition. We do think this is an important step in the process because we desire to               build a music ministry that grows in excellence, purpose and intentionality, while leading people into worship to Jesus.           rather than distracting them from it.


3.   We will contact you to indicate whether we will be able to use you at that particular time. We also will give any.                         recommendations we may have for your musical and spiritual growth.


4.   After this, we may ask you to give us a schedule of your availability for the upcoming months and we’ll send you an.               invitation to join Planning Center, where we schedule Sunday am and special services. Planning Center will have all the.         song chord charts, videos, etc. needed to prepare and practice for all Life Bridge services.


In some cases, based on your specific giftedness and other ministry needs within Life Bridge, we may recommend your participation in other areas. Thanks so much for taking the initiative of filling out this application and for your desire to serve, minister to the Life Bridge family and worship Jesus.


We look forward to serving Jesus with you,

Dav Kott

Click here to fill out and submit the Life Bridge Music Ministry application

Some Logistical Guidelines:

1. Scheduling – Each person involved in LB MM should go to Planning Center and use the Block Out Dates

feature to mark the specific dates he/she will or will not be available for the several months, so Dav Kott

knows how schedule and plan accordingly. Our goal is to give each member of the music ministry this schedule prior to each month

  • This will give us adequate time to try to find a replacement if you are not available.
  • This will help us in choosing the appropriate songs depending on what instruments we will have playing.
  • This will help our sound crew to plan the set up of the sound equipment so they do not have to change it last minute on Sunday morning.

2. Rehearsals – If you are scheduled to play or sing for the upcoming Sunday morning service, it will be

assumed that you will be attending all rehearsals held.

  • All Saturday morning rehearsals are required and if you play an instrument, you need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to set up, do a sound check and tune (this is huge).
  • It is important and essential that everyone attends the rehearsals on time so we can be productive.
  • If an emergency occurs and you are unable to attend or if you will be late, please call Dav Kott prior to Saturday’s rehearsal time if possible.
  • Dav should be notified by Friday morning of any given week (if possible - we understand emergencies do happen) if you are unable to make the Saturday morning rehearsal and/or Sunday morning service. 

Dav Kott – 262.515.0607 - Cell

Email –

Life Bridge Community Church Music Ministry Prayer Covenant

  • I recognize that ministry is a gift of Jesus’ grace for the purpose of bringing Him glory and I desire to serve God and be a good steward by faithfully using the gifts He has given me.
  • I believe the foundation for this ministry is a heart that seeks after Jesus, evidenced by the regular practice of personal worship, prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship.
  • I will pray regularly for the corporate worship of Life Bridge that God’s power might be our strength and enabling.
  • I understand that as a music ministry member, by virtue of my visibility, my life is under scrutiny. With the help of Jesus, I will seek to maintain a life of purity and obedience to God’s Word.
  • I understand this is a team ministry and I will endeavor to work with a servant’s heart: being reliable, punctual, responsible, humble and teachable.
  • I support the ministry of Life Bridge, its vision and the vision of the music ministry. I will speak about Life Bridge in a constructive manner and place myself under the authority of the Pastors and Elders of our church.
  • I will seek to preserve team unity by practicing Biblical conflict resolu;on; by approaching the one who has oended me or the one whom I have offended, so that the enemy will not be granted an opportunity to bring dissension, disunity or division to the music ministry or team(s).

Common Questions:

Are there openings in the music ministry?

The answer is an absolute,…probably - it depends. Those of you who have served in a church before will know

that volunteering and recruiting go in strange cycles. As Life Bridge continues to grow, we are always looking for gifted

and talented musicians/techs who are followers of Jesus or truly seeking out what a relationship with Him really

means. So, we are always auditioning new prospective musicians/techs but are selective to the current needs at

that time (and needs are always changing as well). One possible vision is to have multiple teams of musicians/

techs in regular rotation as Jesus grows the church of Life Bridge. If someone has areas of improvement needed

(musically/tech), we will keep the application on file and they may reapply at a later time after honing specific

areas pointed out by the leadership of the music ministry.

What type of person is the music ministry looking for?

LIfe Bridge is always looking for unusually talented, spiritually contagious people who have been called to serve Jesus.

Unusually Talented: We are looking for musicians who have invested a lot of time growing, honing

and perfecting their musical skills. They usually are quick to learn by ear and most can read music tabs or chord

charts and their commitment to their craft has led them to acquire and own well-crafted musical instruments.

Spiritually Contagious: We believe that the people of Life Bridge see everyone on our platform as a leader of

some kind. Because of this, we are looking for people who are able to genuinely and visibly engage with Jesus in

a way that encourages our congregation to follow. We are looking for people with an upward spiritual trajectory,

meaning that they are growing in their love for and relationship with Jesus in their own lives. This helps avoid the

fallacy that ‘worship’ is just a thing for church.

Called: We are looking for musicians who consider Life Bridge their church home. Generally, it means they

have attended more than 3 months (this may be fast-tracked on a case-by-case basis), completed the Audition

Process and document and have a desire to attend one of Life Bridge Community Groups. They are also actively and consistently attending Sunday morning services at Life Bridge.

LB MM Rehearsals – FAQ’s

Q: When do you rehearse?

A: We rehearse on Saturday mornings at 9am - 11am (often, we finish earlier) in preparation for the Sunday

morning worship service and rehearsals rarely more than 2 hour in length.

Q: Do you rehearse mid-week?

A: No. The busy schedules of Life Bridge and Cristo (the Hispanic church that also uses our building) prohibits us from

doing this currently due to set up/tear down of equipment and Cristo’s usage of the building on Friday and

Sunday nights. But there are at times opportunities to meet as a smaller, acoustic group to go over vocals, song

progressions, etc.

Q: Is there easy access to chord charts, videos, schedules, etc.?

A: Yes, we use Planning Center to do all the above - once an invitation is offered to you to join the music/tech

team, you will have access to all the above.