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Life Bridge is a happenin' place. Whether it's something fun, something to deepen your walk with Jesus, or an opportunity to serve others, there's always something right over the horizon. 

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  • Life Bridge Youth Winter Retreat

    Bridge to Birch

    February 17 - 20 at Silver Birch Ranch

    Cost per student is $240 and Registration deadline is February 8

    Questions - Contact our Youth Pastor Vivek Katru at vivek@lbccmail.org

    Register Here

  • Are My Kids on Track?

    From birth to adulthood, our children's physical and intellectual development is carefully tracked and charted. But what about their hearts? After all, how our children develop emotionally, socially, and spiritually will determine who they become as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friends and co-workers.

    Are My Kids on Track? helps you identify and measure 12 key emotional, social, and spiritual milestones in your children's lives. Moreover, you will discover practical ways to guide your kids through any stumbling blocks they might encounter and help them reach the appropriate landmarks. Along the way the authors pinpoint the different ways boys and girls develop, so you can help your child flourish in his or her own way.

    Filled with decades of experience from three practicing counselors, speakers, and writers, this book provides you with valuable, current research and user-friendly, hands-on practices to make supporting your kids' soul
    development a seamless part of family life. Don't just raise smart kids--raise courageous, compassionate, resilient, empathetic, 
    and smart kids. Register Here

  • Women's Study - Lies Women Believe

    Re-Starting Wednesday January 11 at 7pm. Register Here

    Lies Women Believe, Nancy exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women - lies about God, sin, priorities, marriage and family, emotions, and more. She then sheds light on how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God's grace, forgiveness, and abundant life. Nancy offers the most effective weapon to counter and overcome Satan's deceptions: God's truth!

  • Men's Study - Called to Leadership

    What makes a true leader?

    Is leadership a title? Authority? Charisma? Whatever gets the best results? Today more than ever, Christians need a model of leadership that is based on God’s Word, that brings God glory.

    In Called to Lead, best-selling author, pastor, and teacher John MacArthur explains the characteristics of a leader drawn from one of the Bible’s most renowned leaders, the apostle Paul.

    Focusing on Paul’s letters to the church, Called to Lead shows you the twenty-six key qualities of a leader who can achieve results without forfeiting faith and obedience.

    Register Here!

  • Awana and CSB registration

    Click here to register for a Monday Night Club. 

    Clubs begin September 12!

    Awana 3 yr old (potty trained) through 3rd grade boys and girls

    TNT Girls 3rd - 6th grade

    CSB Boys 3rd - 6th grade


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