Sunday Worship Preparation

Sunday, November 17, 2019

This Sunday, we are going to spend our time getting ready for the holidays. We

will reflect on the reality of suffering and evil and the hope that the gospel

provides for those of us walking in darkness. Our Student Ministries Pastor, 

Josh Mangioni, will bring the message.


Use this Spotify playlist to prepare yourself and your family for Corporate Worship. Listen, pray, sing along as you're in the car, eating, preparing for bed, etc. Don't forget to read this week's passage of Scripture too. Be ready to lean into Worship, to exalt Jesus and to encourage the Body of believers.

The first 4-6 songs are the songs we will be singing this Sunday. We typically update the list by Friday each week. The other songs are related to the series or songs we have recently sung together.

If you listen to this playlist on your own mobile device and do not have a Spotify subscription, the songs we will sing this Sunday will be mixed into the first 60 minutes at random. After that, Spotify will play its own songs at random - we have no control over this.